Ditch Witch JT25 Directional Drill

DUGS Ditch Witch, Vac-Tron, and Yanmar Mini Ex Equipment

Vac-Tron LP (Low Profile) Series

The Ditch Witch JT9 is the most powerful drill in its class. Offering 9,000 lbs. of pullback force in its sturdy yet compact frame, the JT9 combines the simplicity and easy operation of smaller horizontal directional drills with the advanced features of bigger drilling machines — like a heavy-duty anchor system, open-top vise wrenches and an integrated remote display.

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Vac-Tron LP (Low Profile) Series industrial vacuums and vacuum excavation equipment.

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Ditch Witch JT9

The Ditch Witch JT25 is an exceptionally powerful and productive horizontal directional drill designed specifically for — and with input from — the utility contractor. It features an exclusive rotational drive with 4,000 ft. lbs. (5,420 Nm) of torque and 27,000 lbs. (120 kN) of thrust and pullback — just the ticket for utility backbone installs. But it’s not all power and brute force; the JT25 is the quietest and most stable mid-size drill on the market.

Ditch Witch JT25
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The Vac-Tron CS series has been designed for industrial vacuum applications.

The Compact Industrial Vac Series is ideal for drill slurry cleanup as well as other projects that call for slurry removal. With the optional reverse pressure you can collect the slurry, transport, and offload it into another container or simply open the rear door and dump the material quickly. This unit is “liquid only” and best used for cleanup.  It’s compact size and low profile make a big impact on its versatility.

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Vac-Tron CS series industrial vacuum
Ditch Witch JT20
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Vac-Tron CS series

Yanmar Mini Ex specs

Introducing the most innovative, fuel-efficient
excavator we’ve ever built. The advanced
technology zero tail swing ViO35-6
features an electronically controlled Tier 4
engine and dramatically evolved hydraulic system. It also
comes standard with ECO and Auto-Deceleration modes for even more operational efficiency. All of which means the new ViO35 can now deliver up to 20% less fuel consumption than previous models, without sacrificing any of the legendary Yanmar power that’s made it the most productive digging, lifting, do-anything excavator you can buy.

Ditch Witch JT9 Directional Drill

The JT20 lets you do more so you can make more. With plenty of power packed into a compact size and features like an easy-to-use carve mode and time-saving LCD display, the JT20 helps you work faster so you can tackle more jobs. More productivity. More profits.

The LP (Low Profile) series is Vac-Tron’s premiere line of industrial vacuums and vacuum excavation equipment.

Hand built in the USA from the ground up including the durable trailer assembly. The low profile trailer keeps the components of the unit easily accessible while making the unit safe to tow and putting this series in a league of its own. The LP Series Hydro Excavator has all the power needed to excavate a variety of wet and dry material safely.The low profile hydro excavator units come equipped with a hydraulic rear door, which opens fully so the operator can completely empty the contents. The LP Series offers the patented filtration system that is unmatched by competitors.

Vac-Tron Industrial vacuums and vacuum excavation equipment
Yanmar Mini Excavator
Ditch Witch JT20 Directional Drill